The Rise of Prompt Engineering in the AI Transformation

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The AI transformation is progressing rapidly, with the newest buzz being AutoGPT, which increases programmer productivity by up to 10-fold. This progress raises the potential of automation and artistry but could replace traditional labor creating anxiety. Prompt engineering is a new profession that understands how to get the right output from AI automation, with details of implementation still being uncovered.

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The AI transformation is happening now more than ever. This week, Jason Calcanis, who is the founder of ThisWeekIn, discussed the new buzz in the AI industry - AutoGPT. Autocomplete coding has been shown to increase programmer productivity by up to 10-fold. An example he provided, was a programmer replicating the Floppy Bird game by himself in only an hour! .

The implications of this progress is wide-reaching, creating both possibilities in automation, and expected anxiety among the job market. For the new wave of professions and artwork that are showing potential to benefit from this tech, the promise of a utopian AI workplace is real. But for those with traditional labor jobs reminiscent of the older days, the anxiety and pain points can feel immediate.

AI has the capacity to automate many fields of labor, potentially replacing traditional labor

Prompt Engineering – Making the Right Wishes of the AI Genies .

This is where the new profession of Prompt Engineering can help. Wolfram explains that people who understand how to get the right behaviors out of things they do not have the knowledge or expertise in are masters at this type of engineering. This understanding needs to be further explored and developed to ensure the correct implementation of the AI transformation. An animal wrangler who has to figure out the precise buttons to press to get the desired result from their animal is a great example – and these prompt engineers are increasingly becoming some of the most highly paid workers.

Thus far, the most successful development of AI automation has been in coding and programming

Though the potential of AI automation is high, and companies are willing to pay big to get the right outcome, the profession of prompt engineering is still in its infancy. We are all exploring what it will take to become great prompt engineers, to help create the future hoped for with the AI transformation.

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