The high cost of Gemini: Google and DeepMind's new AI collaboration efforts

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Gemini is the latest AI project between Google's Brain AI lab and DeepMind. The project is set to revolutionize Artificial Intelligence technology, with a cost of hundreds of million of dollars. Gemini will enable machines to work faster and more precise, making accurate predictions with less data consumption, and will be used in robotics automation and research.

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Gemini, the joint AI project between DeepMind and Google's Brain AI lab, is set to be a major step forward in advancing Artificial Intelligence technology. Despite that fact, the Gemini still project still takes hundreds of millions of dollars and months to complete. As OpenAI CEO Sam Altman stated back in April, the cost of creating GPT-4 was already more than $100 million, and Gemini's cost is expected to exceed that significantly.

Gemini's development plan is expected to finish in early 2024

80-90% of recent AI innovations have been led by either DeepMind or the Brain AI lab. With Gemini, they plan to use their combined expertise and resources to develop an AI model with significantly more potential than GPT-4 to enable machines to work faster and more precise. As a result, many experts expect Gemini to be the starting point for more general-purpose AI models. Gemini will also have the capability to make accurate predictions with comparatively less data consumption, making it more efficient and thus, potentially more cost-effective.

Gemini AI is built on top of the already existing GPT-4 AI model

The collaborative team sees the potential to automate a variety of process utilizing AI, from robotics automation to research and more. In addition to efficiency savings in production, Gemini is expected to improve the speed and accuracy of many existing AI models, allowing machines to make decisions faster and more accurately.

While Gemini still has to be completed before anyone can see the extent of its capabilities, the potential for this advanced collaboration between DeepMind and the Brain AI Lab is seen as a potentially revolutionary step forward in Artificial Intelligence.

Gemini is estimated to bring a lot of efficiency savings in production for Google and DeepMind's AI projects

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