The Future of Transportation is Here: Exploring the Limits of Innovative Battery Technologies

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CATL, SES and Amprius are pushing the boundaries of battery technology to power electric vehicles, eVTOLs, and more in the future. These new batteries leverage biomimetic electrolytes, solar anode platforms, and energy densities up to 500 Wh/kg, 1300 Wh/L while allowing customizable solutions to boosting range and payload without increasing vehicle weight.

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CATL is the largest battery maker in the world. They have introduced a super energy-dense battery that can double the range of electric cars and enable large passenger electric planes. There is also new battery technology being scaled by SES and Amprius.

CATL 500 Wh/kg Battery .

CATL’s condensed battery leverages highly conductive biomimetic condensed state electrolytes to construct a micron-level self-adaptive net structure that can adjust the interactive forces among the chains, thus improving the conductive performance of the cells and in turn the efficiency of lithium ion transporting while boosting stability of the microstructure. What is more, condensed battery integrates a range of innovative technologies, including the ultra-high energy density cathode materials, innovative anode materials, separators, and manufacturing processes, offering excellent charge and discharge performance as well as good safety performance.

CATL is a Chinese company that produces and sells batteries.

Electric car expert, Cory Steuben praised SES batteries. SES’ system approach is designed to deliver: .

* A step change in energy density up to 400 Wh/kg and/or 1000 Wh/L (actual measurement, not simulated numbers), significantly increasing the range of EVs and eVTOLs.

* A fast-charge capability from 10% State-of-Charge to 80% in under 15 minutes.

* Precise cell performance and health monitoring and incident prediction and prevention.

CATL's batteries use biomimetic condensed state electrolytes.

* Lower total cost since Li-Metal paired with lower cost cathode (nickel/cobalt free) can achieve similar energy density as Li-ion paired with higher cost cathode (high nickel).

* Rapid and practical commercialization roadmap since the manufacturing process of Li-Metal is similar to Li-ion. This is evidenced by 5 global automakers that are backing SES including General Motors, Hyundai Motors, Honda Motors, Geely, and Shanghai Auto.

The SES battery system approach pushes an energy density of 400 Wh/kg, 1000 Wh/L.

Ampris Batteries .

In March, 2023 Amprius Technologies, Inc. (“Amprius” or the "Company") (NYSE: AMPX), a leader in next-generation lithium-ion batteries with its Silicon Anode Platform, showed a lithium-ion cell delivering unprecedented energy density of 504 Wh/kg, 1300 Wh/L, resulting in unparalleled run time. At approximately half the weight and volume of state-of-the-art, commercially available lithium-ion cells, the all-new battery cell delivers potential industry-disrupting performance with barrier breaking discharge times. Amprius’ next-generation cells are well positioned to power products in the fast-growing aviation and, eventually, electric vehicles markets, estimated to be collectively over $100 billion in battery demand by 2025.

Amprius' lithium-ion cell delivers an energy density of 504 Wh/kg, 1300 Wh/L.

The 500 Wh/kg battery platform significantly expands boundaries for customers and is a tailored solution for applications that require maximum discharge times without compromising key features such as aircraft payload and without having to increase vehicle weight. The new batteries demonstrate both high gravimetric energy density (Wh/kg) and volumetric energy density (Wh/L) with exceptional adaptability. The customizable platform allows customers to select the option to either increase energy content in a battery pack without increasing weight, reduce weight in applications that target a fixed energy content, or combinations of both. Higher energy is important for longer run times, range and endurance, while lighter packs increase enablers for new use cases and applications.

Global auto makers, such as GM, Hyundai, Honda and Geely, have invested in the SES battery technology.

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