Tesla's Q&A Led by Elon Musk: What We Learned

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Tesla held a Q&A session on May 15th, 2021, where Elon Musk made predictions of FSD safer and smoother than human drivers by 2023, with expected Cybertruck sales of 250k-500k per year, expected combined sales of 5 million for the next two new products, giving insight on new products such as the rumored $20-25k car and Tesla Solar Roofing and Powerwall. Overall, it was a successful Q and A session.

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Tesla held one of their quarterly Q and A session on May 15th, 2021, led by their CEO Elon Musk.

The session was broadcasted online and was attended by a wide array of Tesla watchers from Tesla Youtubers, to people from the twitterverse to the press and analysts.

This session caused a frenzy all over the internet, with many not wanting to miss the chance of hearing the direct words of the world-famous CEO himself.

Tesla has 1 million vehicles on the roads today

The exciting part about it was that Elon not only shared upcoming plans for Tesla’s current lineup including the Model X, S and Y cars, but he also hinted at some potential new products for Tesla.

Apart from Tesla’s current lineup, Elon iterated his predictions that he expects Tesla’s Full Self Driving system (FSD) to become safer and smoother than human drivers by 2023.

He went on to mention some figures based on the expected sales of Tesla’s Cybertruck and the two other sets of products, sharing that Tesla expects the sales of Cybertruck to be between 250k and 500k vehicles per year, and the two other upcoming products (one of which is a rumored $20-25k car) to have combined sales of 5 million per year.

Tesla is expected to produce 1 million vehicles in 2022

This implies that Tesla must have a third and fourth high-volume vehicle in order to reach 20 million vehicles per year, something that Elon have aimed for the company in the past.

Apart from cars, other products that were discussed were Tesla’s Solar Roofing and Powerwall technology.

Elon also mentioned that they plan to test about educational advertising as it was something that Kevin, one of the prominent Tesla Youtube Channel, suggested during the Q and A.

Tesla vehicles contain about 8,000 parts

All in all, the Q and A session this time was a success and it was hoped that the company’s plans will be realized over the course of the next two years.

Thus, it would be interesting to see in what shape and form Tesla will be shaping up the world of cars in the future.

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