Tesla's Oncoming Rollout of Full Self Driving and AI Training Power

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Tesla is continuing to make strides in the development of their self-driving system, with advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence powering their FSD technology and an anticipated Version 12 release. With over 6 billion miles driven by their fully automated cars, Tesla is poised to become a major player in autonomous driving technology.

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Elon Musk has said that Tesla will move FSD (Full Self Driving) out of beta with Version 12, introducing multiple improvements to its automated driving system. Tesla's AI training compute power has also seen a drastic increase, allowing their fleet to access better recognition of objects on the road, and reducing the media lag time. This increase in computing power and its FSD implementation has allowed Tesla to double the amount of miles driven with FSD each and every four months.

Tesla's AI training power and FSD have increased by almost eight times over the past year.

This increase in dovetails with Tesla's years-long commitment to the development of their automated driving system, using a deep learning, artificial intelligence algorithm to assist the car in identifying objects on the road. Tesla has seen over 6 billion miles driven by its self-driving cars, and these cars have access to 10 times the amount of computing resources on the car.

Elon Musk has said that Tesla is expecting the 12th version of their FSD to be released in the later part of 2021, while continuing to improve this version with the years that follow. With its current improvements and ever-increasing training and computing power, it appears that Tesla is on track to becoming a major force in the autonomous transport space.

The 12th version of Tesla's FSD will offer improved performance over the previous version.

Tesla's advent of automated driving not only reverberates through businness, but social as well. With tech companies pushing for the adoption of self-driving cars by the public, the advent of automated driving signals a major shift in public perception of driverless cars. While as of yet the technology has not been perfected and questions of safety remain, Tesla's self-driving technology seems to be progressing well on its quest to move fully out of the beta stage and into a more accessible platform.

Tesla's FSD has reported 6 billion miles driven in total by their fleet of self-driving cars.

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