Sanctuary AI: The Future of Humanoid Robotics

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Sanctuary AI is a Canadian company developing general-purpose robots that can be operated using three modes: directly piloted, piloted-assist, and supervised autonomous control. These robots have augmented reality goggles for remote controlling, are designed to be modular, and can be trained to identify objects and avoid obstacles.

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Sanctuary AI is a Canadian-based company who is working on revolutionizing the way we look at robots. Founded in 2018, they have already received more than 100 million in funding, and are on course to become a major technology player. Their mission is to revolutionize the way we use robots for work by creating the world’s first human-like intelligence in general-purpose robots. The idea behind the company is to create robots that can be operated in three primary ways: directly piloted by people, operated with the help of auxiliary pilots, and supervised while the robot uses its autonomous control system to observe, assess, and act on tasks .

Sanctuary AI is developing general-purpose robots that are flexible and designed to perform multiple types of physical tasks in the industrial and consumer markets.

To improve control over the robots, a virtual reality headset can be worn by the operator to see what the robot sees. That way, if the robot needs to move to an area that the user can’t see, they can still identify obstacles or other issues they need to contend with. To further improve control, the robot control system can also integrate augmented reality goggles that can be controlled remotely and with the help of a teleop controller .

Sanctuary AI allows augmented reality goggles to be integrated with its robots for the remote piloted option.

Sanctuary AI's robots, which will enter the industrial and consumer markets, are designed to be flexible. This means that not only can they be modified for one specific task, but they are also designed to be able to recognize and identify several types of physical objects. This is done through the use of multiple sensors on the robots, which allows them to recognize objects and plan their course of action accordingly .

The autonomous control system that is being developed by Sanctuary AI enables robots to understand and identify objects through multiple sensors.

In terms of obstacle avoidance and pathfinding, the robots can also be trained through the use of neural learning and artificial intelligence. As the technology progresses, these robots are expected to be able to handle more complex tasks, including those in hazardous conditions. To make matters even better, these robots are designed to be modular. This means users can add or remove features to better suit their needs or just customize their robot .

Sanctuary AI's robots also have capabilities for obstacle avoidance and pathfinding.

This includes adding sensors, cameras, or extra hardware components such as a robotic arm. The work Sanctuary AI are doing is set to revolutionize the robotics industry. With the use of augmented reality goggles and teleoperation, users can control robots from a distance with much more precision. They are also building robots that can understand their environment and react accordingly, creating a much safer and efficient working environment .

The robots can also be trained to complete jobs in hazardous or difficult conditions

By making these robots modular, users can customize and tailor them for whatever task is needed. With all of this and more, it's no wonder that Sanctuary AI are on track to be a major technology player going forward.

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