Robosen's Amazing Grimlock Auto-Converting Robot

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Robosen has created their best-yet robotic toy in the form of the iconic 80's Dinobot Leader Grimlock. At a hefty $1699, it stands at 15.4 inches tall, powered by an advanced SOC chip, and comes with 150 original G1 voice clip from the original actor. It is interactive, able to respond to 42 voice commands, and 4-mode programmable. The preorder with a discounted price of $1499 comes with a limited edition collector's coin.

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Step into the world of nostalgia and cutting-edge technology with the latest announcement from Robosen: the Transformers Grimlock Auto-Converting Robot Flagship Collector's Edition. Building on the success of their self-transforming Optimus Prime in 2021, Robosen has now set their sights on the iconic Autobot leader of the Dinobots, Grimlock. Prepare to be amazed and, perhaps, a little apprehensive about your bank account as this collectible comes with a hefty $1,699 price tag.

Grimlock has a feature where it can recognize 42 voice commands

Standing at an impressive 15 inches tall in robot mode and 15.4 inches in dinosaur mode, this Grimlock collectible is a marvel of engineering and design. Robosen boasts that it represents the epitome of auto-conversion, making it the world's first dual-form, bipedal walking robot. The technology behind this masterpiece includes 85 microchips and 34 high-precision intelligent servos, all powered by an advanced SOC chip and a comprehensive robot operating system. With six-axis IMU sensors for balance monitoring, Grimlock moves with impressive fluidity, seamlessly transitioning between its robotic and T-Rex forms.

Robosen is offering a preorder of the toy with a discounted price of $1499

The design of this auto-converting robot harkens back to the Transformers G1 version, first introduced in 1985. To make this collectible even more enticing, Robosen has included the original toy's Energon sword, galaxial rocket launcher, and crown accessories. But the pièce de résistance that will make any '80s fan's heart skip a beat is the inclusion of the original voice actor from the G1 animated series, Gregg Berger, now 72 years old, returning to record over 150 original Generation 1 Transformers audio lines for the toy. The unmistakable and beloved voice of Grimlock will resound with the classic "Me Grimlock!" line, synchronized perfectly with the robot's actions.

The robot is 15.4 inches tall when in its dinosaur mode

But, there's more! Grimlock isn't just a static display piece; it's interactive too. With the ability to recognize 42 voice commands, this Dinobot can be controlled by speaking to it. You can command it to transform, walk, and perform various stunning stunts. You can also flex your creativity with four programming modes (block-based, manual, voice, and computer-based) to create new poses and actions for Grimlock. And if you want to take your Transformers experience to the next level, you can pair it with the $699 Optimus Prime robot for epic battle reenactments.

The robot is powered by an advanced SOC chip that controls all its microchips

Despite the wonder and joy this auto-converting robot brings, there's no escaping that it comes with a jaw-dropping price. At $1,699 (though available for pre-orders at $1,499), Grimlock is primarily targeted at nostalgia-stricken adults with deep pockets. Parents might find themselves contemplating whether to splurge on this extraordinary toy for their kids or keep it as a collectible for themselves.

It comes with the Energon Sword, Galaxial Rocket Launcher and Crown accessories from the original toy

Robosen and Hasbro are accepting pre-orders for the Grimlock auto-converting robot, with an expected shipping date in late fall. To sweeten the deal, the companies offer a limited edition collector's coin, so you can proudly demonstrate that you've invested in a robotic T-Rex that speaks about itself in the third person.

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