Mercedes Benz Unveils new Concept CLA Class Model

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Mercedes Benz have unveiled a Concept CLA Class offering more range than a Tesla Model 3 at 446 miles (750 kilometers). BMW also debuted the "Vision Neue Klasse" at the IAA Mobility Motor Show. Both companies are introducing EV platforms to meet the needs of future buyers and feature improved rapid charging, battery cell chemistry, and high energy efficiency.

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Offering a glimpse into the future of its all-electric vehicles, Mercedes Benz has unveiled its Concept CLA Class, which promises to offer more range than a Tesla Model 3 at 446 miles (750 kilometers). The move comes as German automakers like BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Audi are playing catch up with Tesla and new-age EV firms from Asia in the fast-developing EV automotive space. The firms recently showcased their future visions at the IAA Mobility Motor Show in Munich .

The Neue Klasse platform from BMW is expected for production in 2025

According to the firm, the Concept CLA Class will serve as an example of its new all-electric segment of entry-level vehicles, with the range seeing four new models – a four-door coupé, a shooting brake, and two SUVs. With the new lineup, the automaker aims to further its commitment to achieving net carbon neutrality along the entire value chain in its fleet of new vehicles in 2039.Efficient proposition The firm's new line of vehicles will be based on its new Mercedes-Benz Modular Architecture (MMA) .

800 V for high electric efficiency and rapid charging of up to 248 miles (400 kilometers) in 15 minutes

This electric-first platform features technology seen in its Vision EQXX concept that promises higher efficiency. The vehicle features a 175 kW permanently excited synchronous machine with a two-speed transmission with the overall setup weighing less than 110 kilograms. The powertrain also features a high energy efficiency of up to 93 percent from the battery to the wheel in long-distance driving .

As a result, the vehicle features a WLTP range of more than 466 miles (750 km), and consumption of about 5.2 mi/kWh (12 kWh/100 km) will be a trademark of the new generation of drivetrains. Mercedes-Benz will give customers an option to pick from two types of batteries. Top-end variants will feature an anode design with silicon-oxide content for excellent energy density. On the other hand, the entry versions will use lithium-iron phosphate .

Two types of batteries on offer from Mercedes - Anode and Lithium-Iron Phosphate

The models will also support 800 V for high electric efficiency and rapid charging of up to 248 miles (400 kilometers) in 15 minutes. The firm has "maximized efficiency by driving down losses in its 800 V electric-drive system. It also features innovative battery cell chemistry and a high level of integration enabling excellent energy density," said a media statement. According to the firm, the new MMA platform also helps to cut down value-chain CO₂ by more than 40 percent .

The powertrain weighs less than 110 kilograms

The Concept CLA Class also features the brand's new MB—OS platform to power the MBUX Superscreen, derived from the Vision EQXX that incorporates real-time graphics. The inside and exterior of the Concept CLA Class both display the use of sustainable materials. This includes practically carbon-free steel, aluminum that has had its carbon footprint reduced, sustainably sourced and processed leather upholstery, and trim made of paper .

The Concept CLA feature MB-OS that runs the MBUX Superscreen

Expanding segment Competitor BMW also debuted the "Vision Neue Klasse" at the IAA Motor Show, another electric concept car that demonstrates the company's EV goals. The new architecture for BMW's EVs is called Neue Klasse. In 2025, the first cars based on this platform are expected to go into production. The specialized EV platforms from Mercedes and BMW represent a change from the firms using their vehicle lineups to adapt to the possibility of an electric future, to one where a dedicated electrical architecture is used for multiple models, depending on size, range, and the needs of future buyers .

The 466 miles (750 km) WLTP range is higher than a Tesla Model 3

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