Is LK-99 a Superconductor? Investigations Into Zero Resistence

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Recent research into a new material, LK-99, has produced promising results, hinting at the possibility that it may be a superconductor. To determine this conclusively, further investigation must be conducted and the data replicated.

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Whether LK-99 is a superconductor mainly hinges on it having zero resistivity and the work getting confirmed and replicated. This zero resistance was shown in data at a material science conference in Korea yesterday. The discovery of LK-99 began in 2019, when a group of scientists and theorists made a major breakthrough regarding the properties of the material. This new discovery caught the interest of the scientific community, as it could be a potential alternative to popular superconductors such as niobium nitride .

The material was first discovered in 2019 and has attracted much attention since

Since then, much research has been conducted into the properties and applications of LK-99. So what is LK-99? More specifically, it is a quaternary alloy metal consisting of iron, carbon, copper, and aluminium. It has been dubbed “forbidden iron” by some, due to its complicated and potentially useful properties. It is the zero-resistance property that is so sought after, as it indicates superconductivity .

It is believed to be an alternative to popular superconductors such as niobium nitride

This occurs at extremely low temperatures such as those achieved by liquid nitrogen, and has the potential to revolutionise many different industries. Currently, the investigations into LK-99’s properties are still in progress. However, the data presented in the conference in Korea marks a significant step forward. It was reported by one group that the material could support a magnetic field of up to 11 .

The material is often referred to as 'forbidden iron', due to its complex properties

6 Tesla in a temperature of 200 Kelvin, which was the highest ever recorded for a superconductor. This was the first time that such a significant effect has been produced in a laboratory. These results need to be reviewed and replicated in further experiments. Until then, the true extent of LK-99’s potential remains unknown. If these studies prove successful, then it could be a major development in material sciences and unlock new possibilities in the field .

LK-99 requires extremely cool temperatures to exhibit its full effect, so it has to be cooled in liquid nitrogen

It is likely that in the coming months, much of the ongoing research is going to be conducted privately. This is due to competition for patents and other commercial applications. At this moment in time, it is not known whether LK-99 can be classified as a superconductor. The data shows impressive results, but until it is confirmed and replicated by other competent parties, the debate is still far from over .

A large part of the investigation has been trying to establish if LK-99 can carry more current than other superconductors

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