Exploring the Benefits and Novel Uses of a Non-Abelian Topological Quantum State

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President and COO of Quantinuum, Tony Uttley and scientific lead, Dr Henrik Dreyer, developed a new Non-Abelian Topological Quantum state, achieved by engineering a waveform with the H2 32 Qubit quantum computer chip. This opens up new fields of condensed matter physics research that were previously impossible, overcoming regular computer limitations up to 50 qubit. Reducing noise by thousands of times with SuperQubits increases performance from 9 to 17 qubit and unlocks the Topological Waveform, making the new state useful for physics research the same way particle accelerators are.

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Nextbigfuture interviewed the President and COO of Quantinuum, Tony Uttley, and the scientific lead, Dr Henrik Dreyer. They have used the new H2 32 Qubit quantum computer chip to engineer the waveform of a new state of matter. They have engineered something called the Non-Abelian Topological Quantum state.

Topological quantum computing has been one of the major quantum computing goals for over twenty years. The reason is that topological qubits are far more resistant to noise and errors. Topological quantum qubits could be achieved with new materials OR with an engineered wave function. Quantiniuum-engineered wave functions by using 27 qubits with three additional qubits for control. Think of the many qubits working together like a symphony orchestra playing notes with perfect harmony and synchronization or a choir singing perfectly together.

The CERN Lab in Switzerland plans to start constructing a new super-collider by 2035, costing $23 billion

Novel Uses that Were Impossible Before: This work opens up exciting new fields of research within condensed matter physics, which would have been impossible using a classical computer alone. This is hugely important. People have been asking what can quantum computers do that regular computers cannot? .

Regular computers can simulate qubit calculations up to about 50 qubit or so. Classical computers cannot perform superposition or entanglement but they can pretend to be quantum-like using formulas. The new Non-Abelian Topological Quantum state is where quantum qubits are behaving like condensed matter. The Topological quantum become like a new quantum physics exploration devices. They can explore condensed matter behavior in ways no other device can.

Quantum computers can simulate qubit calculations up to 50 qubits

Particle accelerators are devices that speed up the particles that make up all matter in the universe and collide them together or into a target. Particle accelerators are devices made to explore physics and matter in energy regimes that are impossible for other devices. The Large Hadron Collider cost some $4.75 billion to build in 2012. Now, it’s reported that the CERN Lab in Switzerland plans to start construction on a new super-collider by 2035 at a cost of $23 billion.

Quantum computers can perform superposition and entanglement, which regular computers cannot do through formulas

How large would a topological quantum state system need to be to have the value of a large particle accelerator? How Bad is the Noise Problem in Quantum Computers? Why is Noise Resistant SuperQubits a Big Deal? .

Q-Ctrl had software that could remove the worst-performing qubits in a system to reduce noise by thousands of times. I looked at dozens of presentations and hundreds of slides at the 2022 Q2B (Quantum to Business conference). This is a critical slide that explains a lot about where things are at with quantum computers. You have to spend some time looking at this graph. On the X, horizontal axis, you see the qubit counts. On the Y, vertical axis, you see the probability of getting a successful answer. Below 8 qubits you are look at about 10% chance of success. At 12-13 qubits you are looking at 0.1% chance of success in getting answers. At 15 qubits there is 0.005% chance of success. Reducing noise by thousands of times lets you increase the usable qubits from about 9 to about 17.

The Large Hadron Collider cost $4.75 billion to build in 2012

You can get answers by controlling noise and you rapidly cannot get answers in a sea of noise. High Qubit Quality of the Quantinuum H2 Unlocked the Topologica Waveform.

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