Elon Musk Demonstrates FSD Version 12

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On September 12th, Elon Musk livestreamed a demonstration of Tesla's FSD Version 12, which can recognize road work, quickly react to changes in traffic, and even handle stop signs and traffic lights. The update will cost $10,000 USD and is available for Tesla models built in 2015 or later. Tesla plans to offer full self-driving capabilities as early as the end of 2021.

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On September 12th, Elon Musk streamed a highly-anticipated demonstration of his Tesla vehicles's Full Self-Driving (FSD) version 12. In the 50-minute livestream, Tesla showed a vehicle navigating a route in downtown Palo Alto with no input from the driver. The demo revealed that the car could perform a number of tasks that previous versions were not able to do.

The version 12 update includes a variety of features for Tesla vehicles. It can now recognize road work in progress, quickly react to changes in traffic, and handle roundabouts. One of the most significant features is that it can acknowledge stop signs and traffic lights. The car stopped at an intersection and then started moving when the traffic light for the left-turn lane turned green. Musk has stated that this version of FSD will be available for all Tesla models built in 2015 or later. This means that Tesla owners can get this update, if they choose to do so. Unfortunately, the FSD version 12 update will cost $10,000 USD.

The Version 12 alpha is solely for Tesla employees in 'shadow mode'

Tesla is releasing the FSD version 12 alpha to employees in 'shadow mode', which means that the car will be sharing the data it collects with the company. This will allow Tesla to run simulations to ensure that the car will drive safely. Once the version 12 is deemed mature and error-free, Tesla will release a public beta version for car owners to test. If all goes according to plan, Musk believes they can offer FSD for vehicles as early as the end of 2021.

A Tesla built in 2015 or more recent can install the FSD Version 12

It's clear that Tesla is making progress towards achieving its ambitious goals of making cars that are intimidatingly safer than human-driven vehicles. Elon Musk's demonstration of the FSD version 12 immensely improves the public's perception of the technology and gives us a glimpse of the future of safe and autonomous transportation.

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